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Here at Mystik Wellness, we take a global approach to wellness and healing. Offering massage and ancient body rituals from around the world with a modern twist...Allow us to merge the transformative benefits of massage, ancient healing tools, energy work and wholistic products that have been intentionally sourced for your experience.

Connect & elevate your vibration to highest level of cosmic wellness!

Image by Krystal Ng

Mystik CBD Massage

This customized massage features the powerhouse healing properties of CBD, perfect for anxiety, strains & sprains, chronic pain and soreness, skin irritation,

arthritis and difficulty sleeping.

Featuring Body's Muscle & Joint Relief Cream, Luminous Facial Oil and Radiance Body Oil by Vital Body. This head-to-toe trinity packs in the potent, therapeutic benefits of CBD while enriching the tissue with deep nourishment.

60 minutes ~ $130

90 minutes ~ $170

120 minutes ~ $200

Earth Mother

This nurturing and connective prenatal or postnatal massage focuses on the specific needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the mystikal changes of pregnancy. This treatment uses side-lying positions and comfortable supports while working to release deep seated tension, improve circulation while providing relief from mental and physical fatigue.

75 minutes ~ $ 145

90 minutes ~ $170

Image by Efe Kurnaz

Mystik Crown

Your entire crown will be anointed with warm, botanically infused oil designed to clear the crown chakra and connect you to the universe within! Using the Kansa Wand, Bamboo and Gua Sha, we focus on the powerful and intricate musculature of the head, face and neck. Allow these cosmic healing tools to release deep seated tension that affect your expression, the contours of your face, brow, jaw and neckline as well as clear stagnant energy, thoughts and dreams that no longer serve you.

60 minutes ~ $130

Image by Erol Ahmed

Bamboo & Stone

Go beyond 'deep tissue' with this unique experience, combining the transformative powers of native stones and magikal bamboo! Bamboo contains silica, which can aid in the absorption of minerals, the deep kneading methods assist in the release of trapped vitamins and minerals, combined with the silica, to improve circulation, skin tone, and release deep fascial adhesions. Warm stones ground and soothe while releasing trapped energy, leaving you with an overall sense of balance and wellbeing.

90 minutes ~ $170

120 minutes ~ $210

Ojas Revitalizer

Revitalize your Ojas, which is Sanskrit for “Vigor” or “Vitality.” This Ayurvedic massage uses ancient abhyanga massage techniques, focusing on the head, scalp and abdomen, while generous amounts of warm, botanically infused oil work to balance and restore the vital energies of the body. This experience is excellent for physical & emotional trauma, anxiety, stress and brings body and mind into harmony. 

60 minutes ~ $130

90 minutes ~ $175

Image by arman khadangan

Agni Detoxifier

Agni, meaning “Fire" in Sanskrit sometimes needs some cleansing 'fuel' to function properly. Using the Kansa wand and generous amounts of detoxifying oil, we focus on the head, feet and abdomen. An invigorating blend of cypress, peppermint, lemongrass, everlasting, geranium and lemon encourages the release of deeply stored toxins. Marma points on the head and feet are anointed to increase the flow of energy and the release of waste products released from our organ system. Stimulating head massage and a Vakti bowl foot treatment, cleanse and draw out impurities to ensure your light is shining brightly!

90 minutes ~ $175

120 minutes ~ $210

Image by Melanie Magdalena

Ancient Body Wisdom

This all-encompassing ritual incorporates the use of ancient healing tools used for thousands of years! Intertwining the intuitive properties of the Kansa Wand, cupping, bamboo, stones, gua sha and botanically infused oils to create a wholistic treatment that leaves you feeling renewed and restored. This is a full body massage focused on clearing, balancing and grounding the energy pathways of your being.

90 minutes ~ $180

120 Minutes ~ $220

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